Restarting Page Numbering

In order to customize page numbering and have different page counts using EDS Publisher, you have to combine multiple page sequences, each with a separate page counting.

The steps to achieve the desired result using this are described below:

1. Open EDS Publisher and assign a data source to the template.

2. Create two page sets, one for each needed section. You can read more about this here .

3. Reset the page number for each page set:

  • Select the first page to enter the first Page Sequence;
  • Open the Properties panel (View tab -> Properties);
  • From the Navigation bar at the bottom left , select the "page-set" element;
  • In the Properties Panel, go to the 'ALL' section and select "Add new property";
  • Use "Select Property" and write "initial page number";
  • Write the number that you want to start the counting in the "Default Value" text box. This allows you to have a fresh start for each page set when it comes to the page number;
  • Repeat the steps above for the second Page Sequence.

 4. Reset the page count for the existing Page Sets:

  • In the Properties Panel, go to the "ALL" section and select "Add new property";
  • Use "Select Property" and write "force" and select "Force Page Count";
  • For the first page sequence, you will need to set the value to "end-on-odd". Setting this option will prevent the addition of a blank page between the Page Sets;
  • For the second page set, the value should be "no-force";

5. Adjust the references of the Page Count for each Page Set:

  • Open the Properties for the Page Count element;
  • By default, the "Ref-id" property indicates the end of the document, thus giving the total number of pages in the output. You will want to adjust this in order to indicate the end of each page sequence. To do so, go to the "page-number-citation" section and change the "Ref-id" to a value of choice;
  • At the end of each page sequence, add a new empty block having the "ID" (in the "Object" section) equal to the value of "Ref-id". This will ensure that the page count will only include the pages in that specific page sequence.




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