How to add a rotated text in the template

There are scenarios where you require to add a rotated text in the template - for example, a hidden header at the short edge of the paper in landscape mode or an additional note on the side of the document.
This example will show you how to add some text on the left side of the document (in the fo:region-start part of the XSL-FO document). 

  • Double click on the left side region (fo:region-start)

  • Insert a TextBox

  • Type the text you want to use and adjust the size of the TextBox as needed:

  • Open the Properties Pane:

  • From the Navigation Bar, select the textbox (and not the paragraph within it):

  • From the Properties Pane, go to the 'Positioning' section and set the 'Reference Orientation' to 270:

  • Go to the 'Edit Page Layout' tab and choose 'Apply' to save the changes:


Note: The Reference Orientation values are: 0 , 90, 180, 270. Other values will not be taken into account and the default value will be used (0).

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