How to apply sorting on a repeating paragraph

In order to apply sorting on a repeating paragraph within EDS Publisher, please follow the steps below:
  • Select the repeating paragraph from the Design View;
  • Go to the Repeating Tools tab;
  • Click on the SORT button, then select the 'Add rule' option;
  • In the Add Sort Criteria dialog you will need to select the data point you wish to base the sort criteria off of from the data tree;
  • In the Edit Sort Dialog you have the below options:
    • Sort Order -> Select if you want the row data be ascending or descending.
    • Data Type -> Select if the date from the sort expression is a text or number value.
    • Case Order -> If the data type is text, you will need to select the case order. The case order refers to the order of the data if the data source has duplicate date in which some data points are uppercase and some are lowercase.

Attached you will also find a sample template with sorting applied to the repeating paragraph.

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