How to link table rows using the Parent Set feature


Sometimes, there is data that depends on other data and must be displayed accordingly for a better overview. This link between a sets of data can be obtained by using tables and the "Parent Set" feature.
How to
For a better understanding on how the Parent Set option functions, an example is provided below.

Create the Parent Row:

  • Create a repeating row based on the node you want to iterate
  • In the attached sample, the XPath should be /data/tablerow
  • ​Add the data that you need to display

Add the Child Row

  • Add a new simple/repeating row, based on your scenario. This will be set later to be displayed only once a line of the repeating row is rendered.
  • In the sample attached, we created a repeating row which iterates through each childrow node.
  • Add the data that you need to display

Obtain the Parent Row ID

  • Click on the parent row
  • Open the Properties Pane
  • Select the repeated row from the Navigation Bar
  • From the 'All' tab, go to the 'Object' section and copy the ID of the parent row. You can also rename it to something more relevant

Link the Child Row to the Parent Row
  • Click on the Child Row
  • Open the Properties Pane
  • From the Navigation Bar, select the row / repeating row
  • From the 'All' tab, go to 'Miscellaneous' section and paste the ID of the Parent Row in the 'Parent Row' textbox


Once all of these steps are complete, the two rows are linked together and the data is displayed accordingly.

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