How to create a page border with two different colors

This article aims to provide instructions on how to use the TextBox feature of XF Designer to create pages with multiple borders in different colors.
How to
Attached you will find a small sample on how to replicate the same, with steps below:
Open the correct Page Layout:
  1. Go to Page Layout tab
  2. Select arrow to the bottom right corner of the 'Edit Page Layout' button
  3. Choose the Page Layout you want to edit

Add the TextBox with borders
  1. Click in the Page Layout header section
  2. Go to the Insert tab, select the TextBox button
  3. From the Navigation Bar, make sure the 'block-container' is selected
  4. Open the Properties pane (View tab -> Show Properties)
  5. From the Positioning section, set the X, Y, Width and Height properties to have the size of the textbox match the way your border should look like
  6. Set the border properties as needed and save the changes:
  • Repeat the same for any additional borders needed
  • In the sample provided, we did not adjust the size of the header, footer, left, right and body regions. You might need to adjust the extents and margins to match the desired output.
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