How to remove the Vertical Axis from a Chart

Depending on what the end result should look like, when working with Charts, you might need to hide the Value Axis. This article provides explanations on how to achieve this behavior from the EDS Publisher.
How to: 
You can hide the vertical axis by following these steps:
  1. Make sure the boxes for 'Display Axis', 'Display Labels' and 'Display Gridlines' are not selected:
    1. Select the chart;
    2. Open the properties;
    3. Select the 'Layout' tab;
    4. Choose the 'Value Axis' element;
    5. De-select the checkboxes for those properties;
  2. Set the Tickmarks style to 'None';
  3. Remove the 'Value' caption:
    1. Open the properties;
    2. Go to 'All' tab;
    3. Select the 'Value Axis' element;
    4. Remove the string from the 'Caption' textbox.

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