Working with Conditional Paragraphs


Conditional Paragraphs allow you to include entire paragraphs of content both static and dynamic into your outputs entirely dependent upon your data source. 

This article's aim is to cover the following information:

  • Inserting a Conditional Paragraph
  • Editing a Conditional Paragraph
  • Deleting a Conditional Paragraph

Inserting a Conditional Paragraph

To insert a Conditional Paragraph, follow the instructions provided below.

  • Select the Insert tab from the Ribbon;
  • Click the Conditional Paragraph button from the Dynamic group; 

Next, you will be presented with the Insert Conditional Paragraph Dialog where you will need to set your initial condition.

  • Select in the Data Tree the data value to base your condition on;
    In this example, the "price" attribute will be used;
  • Choose the type of condition based on available options: on occurrence, numerical value, or text value. In our example we will test the numerical value, the price needs to be greater than  or equal to 10;
  • After adding the conditions click Insert.

Adjusting the condition's content

Two paragraphs will appear on your Design Surface, but only one will be displayed in the output, as they use the if…else functionality: the first will appear if the condition is met and the second acts as a fallback, if the condition is not met.

You can replace the text inside the paragraphs with the dynamic or static content that you wish to display for condition and fallback section.

The result of our condition will be:


Insert, Edit and Delete conditions from Paragraph

After creating a Conditional Paragraph, when selecting it from the Design Surface, a new tab will appear in the Ribbon, the Paragraph tab, where you will find the conditional tools, buttons to Insert, Edit and Delete the conditions.


Note: All these options can also be accessed by right clicking on the conditional paragraph and selecting them from the contextual menu.


Delete conditions

  • When clicking the Delete button, you will be presented with two options: Active Condition and All Conditions
  • If all conditions will be deleted from the conditional paragraph, the entire Conditional Paragraph structure will be removed from the document  

  • If you wish to remove the else part of our condition and not display a message when no condition is met, de-select the Has Else checkbox from the Sequence group.

Edit conditions

  • The Edit button in the Condition group offers the possibility of editing the conditions for the conditional paragraph.

Add conditions 

  • New conditions to the Conditional Paragraph can be inserted from the Insert button.

All these actions can also be made from the Conditions button in the Sequence group.


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