Template Design – Working with Stylesheets

Ecrion Design Studio -  Publisher offers the possibility of using CSS styling when creating templates, using one or multiple CSS stylesheets. The following article aims to cover the following topics:

  1. How to access the stylesheet customization options
  2. How to create stylesheets
  3. How to add an existing stylesheet to the template
  4. How to remove stylesheets
  5. How to edit a stylesheet
  6. How to navigate between stylesheets
  7. How to embed stylesheets


1.      How to access the stylesheet customization options

The functionality for CSS stylesheets can be accessed from 2 locations:

    A. From the View tab

  • From the Ribbon navigate to the View tab;
  • Select the Styles checkbox from the Show group. 

   B. From the Home tab

  • From the Ribbon navigate to the Home tab;
  • Select the Manage Styles dropdown from Style group.

2.    How to create stylesheets 

To create a new stylesheet for your document you will need to open the Styles Pane, click on the Options button and select Create Stylesheet or select the Manage Styles button in the Ribbon and from the dropdown select Create Stylesheet.


3.      How to add an existing stylesheet to the template

Existing stylesheets can be added to templates, the same stylesheet could be used on multiple projects or by the whole company to preserve uniformity.

     • From the contextual menu in the Styles pane select Add Existing Stylesheet…;

     • From the Manage Styles button select Add Existing Stylesheet…;


3.     How to remove stylesheets

    • From the contextual menu in the Styles pane select Remove Stylesheet;


4.     How to add a new style to the stylesheet

You can add a new style to the stylesheet by following this steps:
   • From the user interface, by clicking the Add new style button from the Styles pane.

  •  Click on the Option button in the Styles pane and from  the dropdown select Open in Editor. Add the desired style, save the document and click on the refresh button in the Styles pane in order to add style in the list.


5.     How to navigate between stylesheet

Ecrion Design Studio Publisher has the ability of using multiple stylesheets for the same template. The arrow dropdown from the Styles pane contains the list of stylesheets used by the template, they can be opened by selecting them.


6.     How to embed stylesheets

Ecrion Design Studio Publisher can use external stylesheets in the form of CSS files by referencing them or embedded stylesheets. 

  • From the contextual menu in the Styles pane select Embed Stylesheet.
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