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EDS Publisher allows the dynamically formatting of content depending on the data source.

Imagine a scenario in which you have a monthly statement with repeating information for every transaction that occurred over a certain period of time in a supermarket. If the transaction is over one hundred dollars, then the transaction amount should be displayed in bold red text. This is a great example of the need to apply conditional formatting to this item.

Instructions for applying conditional formatting

  • Right click on the object on which you want to apply conditional formatting to;

  • From the resulting contextual menu, select Properties to launch the Properties Pane;
  • Select the All menu section;

Note: If you are looking to add conditional formatting to a table row or other object you cannot fully select, you can select it in the Navigation Bar of the Properties Pane.

  • Click the Dynamic value button for the property you wish to add;

  • The Dynamic Property dialog will appear, by selecting the Add rule button will open the Create Condition dialog;

  • In the Create Condition dialog you will need to specify a condition for which the formatting will change;

  • Select from the Data Tree the data value to base your condition on;
  • Then, choose your type of condition based on available options, based on: occurrence, numerical value, or text value;
  • After you press Insert you will see the newly created rule where you can specify the formatting if the condition is met in the THEN section from the drop-down  menu.

The condition will only affect one row, the row where the ID is 1, the output is:

Multiple Dynamic Properties can be added to the same field according to your requirements.

Conditional Values

EDS Publisher allows the change of values assigned to any property according to one or more rules, this is known as an conditional value.

 The conditional formatting can be changed from the Properties panel:

  • Open the Properties panel by selecting Properties from the View Tab in the Ribbon;
  • Navigate through the format groups to locate the format you wish to conditionally modify and select the Dynamic Values button;

  • Select Edit Rule from the Dynamic Property popup;


Note: You can add other rules from the Dynamic Property panel with the Add Rule button or remove them with the Remove button.

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