How to add a Header to a pre-existing table?


The table header is the first row of a table and it contains the column names.

There might be situations when you will wish to add a table header to an already existing table that for any reason doesn’t have one.

Instructions to insert a table header:

  • Right click inside the table;
  • Select Insert from the contextual menu;
  • Select Header on Top from the newly appeared contextual menu.



A new row will be added on top of the table where we can add the name of the columns or the table name.


Note: Inserting a normal row above the rest of the content will have the same functionality as a table header row, only if the table is displayed on one page only. When the table is displayed on multiple pages, the table header row will be shown in the beginning of each new page, whereas the normal row will only be shown once, when at the start of the table.

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