Template Design - How to restart the Page Count in Dynamic Page Sets

In order to customize the page numbering and reset the Page Count for your Dynamic Page Set, the steps below must be followed:

1. Open EDS Publisher and assign a data source to the template.

2. Create a Dynamic Page Set. You can read more about this here.

3. Set the Page Set's numbering properties:

  • Open the Properties panel:

  • From the Navigation bar at the bottom left , select the "page-set" element;

  • In the Properties Panel, go to the 'ALL' section and expand the "Page Sequence" group;

  • Set the "Initial Page Number" to "1":

  • Set the "Force Page Count" to "no-force", if needed

4. Insert the Page Count and Page Number properties in your Layout:

  • Access the Pagination menu from the Ribbon in the View section; 
  • From the Layouts section click on the Interactive menu of the Page Set and select Edit Headers and Footers


  • From the Ribbon insert the Page Count and Page Number properties in the desired section;


  • Repeat the action for all the Page Layouts used by the Dynamic Page Set, as needed;

5. Add a reference paragraph at the end of the Page Set:

  • Press Enter at the end of the desired Page Set to create the block;
  • Add the "PageSequenceEnd" ID from the Paragraph properties;
    • Right Click on the newly created block;
    • Open the "Properties" pane; 
    • Go to Object sub-menu;
    • Set a static ID "PageSequenceEnd";

6. Change the ID of the empty block to be dynamic:

  • Open the "Properties" pane; 
  • Go to Object sub-menu;
  • Press the "fx" button to the right of the ID property;
  • Press the "fx" button to the right of the "Default Value" textbox;
  • Choose "Create Expression"
  • Set the dynamic value to match the end of the current page sequence: concat('PageSeqEnd', position()).  
     This ID needs to be unique per Page Set iteration, otherwise the page count will not be relevant (you can also use the generate-id(.) function).

7. Change the "Ref-id" property of the Page Count element to match the dynamic ID of the reference block

By default, the "Ref-id" property indicates the end of the document, thus giving the total number of pages in the output.

You will want to adjust this in order to indicate the end of each page sequence.

  • Right Click on the desired Page Count element;​
  • Open the "Properties" pane 
  • Go to "Page Number Citation" sub-menu;
  • Modify the "fo:Ref-id" property of the page number citation to be dynamic as wellconcat('PageSeqEnd', position()) 

  • Go to XML View

  • Search for "<fo:page-number-citation"

  • Add an "fo:" before the "ref-id" property:

Attached you will find a sample which replicates this behavior. If you have additional questions, please contact Ecrion Technical Support.

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