Pagination - How to hide Side Regions


Depending on the document requirements, one or more of the side regions need to be hidden in order to obtain the desired final output. The side regions are the following: Left; Right; Header; Footer.


How to

In order to hide a side region we will need to customize a Page Layout. In our example, we will hide the left side region, but the same steps should be followed for any other region:

  • From the Ribbon, navigate to the View tab;
  • Select the Pagination button to enable the Pagination Pane;
  • From the Layouts tab, select the dropdown on the right of the layout that needs modified and click Edit Properties:

  • From the Edit Layout panel navigate to Regions Layout;
  • Hide the Side Region:
    • Option A - side region still exists, but occupies no space.
      • From the Select Region drop-down menu, select Left;
      • In the Margins group, give the Extent textbox the value of 0;

    • Option B - side region is removed completely.
      • From the Select Region drop-down menu, select Left;
      • Uncheck the Visible checkbox.

  • Optional Step, if you want the content of the flow to start at the beginning of the page:
    • From the Select Region dropdown you will need to select Body
    • In the Margins group give the Left margin text-box the value of 0;

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