How to - Enable logging for EDS Publisher


A log file is the automatically produced and time-stamped documentation of events relevant to a particular software. Ecrion uses 4 logging levels, they are as follows:

  • None - No logging will occur.
  • Normal - Errors, warnings and information messages will be logged.
  • All - Errors, warnings, information messages and various traces will be logged.
  • Debug - Everything will be logged. Includes diagnostic information for troubleshooting.

This article provides information on how to set the location and verbosity of EDS Publisher's log files.

The log can be enabled form the EDS Publisher itself or manually, and the log files can be found in C:\ProgramData\Ecrion\Log (Publisher_Managed-yyyy-MM-dd.log and Publisher-yyyy-MM-dd.log).

1. Enabling the logs from the EDS Publisher's UI

  • Open EDS Publisher;
  • From the Ribbon select the File tab;


  • Select Options category;


  • Select General tab from the options menu, set the Log Level drop-down menu to the desired logging level.


  • Restart the application to complete the log enabling.

2. Enabling the logging Manually - only when UI option is not available

  • Make sure that all instances of EDS Publisher are closed;
  • Go to the following location:  C:\Users\{your_user}\AppData\Roaming\Ecrion;
  • Open the Publisher.user.config file with a text editor (Ex: Notepad);
  • Add the LogLevel=Debug text in a new line at the end of the document and save the file;


  • Open the software
  • Perform the tests required by the Support Team
  • Get the newly created logs from C:\ProgramData\Ecrion\Log
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