How to create column borders


EDS Publisher offers the possibility of splitting the content of your documents into several columns. If the projects specifications require to split the columns with borders, you will need to follow the instructions below.

How to

1. From the Ribbon navigate to the View tab;

2. Click the Pagination button;

3. From the Pagination pane, go to the Layouts section

4. Choose the layout on which you want to apply the column borders

5. From the Option Menu select Edit Properties

6. In the opened Edit Layout pane, navigate to the Regions Layout option;

7. From the Count field under the Columns group, add the desired number of columns;

8.  Click Save. The output should look like in the screenshot below:

             9.  To insert column borders between the columns, you need to switch to one of the side regions. This                        can be done by double clicking on any of them.

10.  Insert text boxes and customize them to achieve the desired results:

    - Click on the Tex Box button from the Insert tab under the Ribbon;

    - Add the left and right borders on the text box, as needed, from the Properties pane;

    - Manually arrange the text box so that the text box borders be where the column borders should be.



The final result is displayed below:


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