How to conditionally change a row's color


The Ecrion Design Studio Publisher offers the user the ability to change the background color of a row for visibility purposes. You can set the color so that it stays the same all the time, or you can adjust it to change based on a rule (conditionally).

This article aims to explain how to change the background color of a dynamic row conditionally, to show odd rows with a blue background.

How to

In order to change the color of a row, you can use the Conditional Formatting feature of the Publisher and utilize it for the background color, by following these steps:

  • Add a data source to the template;
  • Create a dynamic table;
  • Open the Properties panel by right clicking on the design surface and selecting the Properties option;

  • From the Background group click the fx button at the right of Color;

  • Select the Add rule button;
  • Click the Create expression button;
  • Add position() mod 2 =1 as the rule and click Insert;
  • Select the color you wish to be used.


The resulting output will be:

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