What are the differences between XF Designer and Ecrion Design Studio Publisher

While XF Designer is still actively maintained and supported for OEM and EEM users, both new users and existing customers are encouraged to switch to Ecrion Design Studio as it provides more features and better integration with all other Ecrion technologies.

All the functionality required to build layout templates for high-volume document production is now integrated in Ecrion Design Studio and most users will be able to transition to that without problems. 

You must still use XF Designer when:

  • You are using a XSL-FO formatting engine other than Ecrion. In this case XF Designer can help because it provides EEM (External Engine Module) which will remove XSL-FO extensions not supported by other formatting engines.
  • You have an OEM or SITE license agreement with Ecrion for XF Designer
  • You rely on functionality that has been declared obsolete in the new Ecrion Design Studio Publisher such as Tasks. In this case you should run the applications side-by-side and decide if any of the old features are still required for you; if that is the case open a support case and we will be happy to investigate if there are other ways to accomplish what you need.

If you need a feature that previously existed in XF Designer and you cannot locate it in Ecrion Design Studio please open a support case.

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