Licensing guide for XF Rendering Server

XF Rendering Server can be deployed using the following license models:

Per Server Perpetual Licenses

When using this licensing model, XF Rendering Server is licensed on a per server basis, up to a certain number of logical processors.

Ecrion defines a Logical Processor as a computing unit available to be used by the operating system in a physical server or virtual machine (VM).

In many cases a logical processor is a "core", however that really depends on the hardware. For example on Intel processors with HyperThreading technology enabled, each core is seen as 2 logical processors. On AIX processors each processor can be partitioned in an arbitrary number of LPARs and each is seen as a logical processors.

When running in a virtualized environment (VMWare, XEN, HyperV, etc.) system administrators can adjust the number of cores on that VM. On a physical server this cannot be accomplished. When running in a Virtual Machine (VM) , the number of logical processors is dictated by the host hypervisor. Our products use all the computing power available on that physical server or VM, therefore system administrators will have to install as many licenses as needed to cover all the logical processors that are present. To simplify licensing when a large number of cores is available, users may be interested in acquiring Processor Free licenses.

Enterprise Licenses

XF Rendering Server can also be licensed in an Enterprise licensing model. These licenses that can be deployed in an unlimited fashion for a designated legal entity.
Enterprise Licenses require a contract. Some restrictions apply. 

Please contact your Ecrion representative for more details.


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