Automatically setting the language for hyphenated elements

The language of the hyphenated elements can be set programmatically by using a local parameter that contains the value of the language id.

To add a parameter, follow these steps:

          - On the "Developer tab" press on the "Manage parameters" button
          - On the left side of the window, press on the "Add new parameter" option
          - Insert the name (e.g. languageId) and insert the value (e.g. "es" for Spanish)
          - Use it where necessary. In this case, you will want to dynamically assign this value to the hyphenated elements, as per instructed below.

In order to dynamically set the language for a hyphenated element, you need to do the following:

          - Select the desired block and use right-click then select Properties

          - On the left side go to ALL tab

          - Press on Add new property button

          - Press on Select Property

          - On the right side into the search field type: language

          - On the left select Language and press Apply

          - In the Default Value field you can manually set the language, or you can insert from input data source by doing the following:

                      a) Press the "Dynamic Values" option
                      b) Select "None" text in the "Value" column.
                      c) Select the "Dynamic value" icon
                      d) Pick the "Create Expression" option
                      e) Select "Add parameter" and pick the languageID parameter.

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