How To choose XSLT engine on Linux

Please follow these steps to use for one time only the XSLT engine inside of Render.exe

1. Access the /opt/Ecrion/XFProfessional/Bin folder.

2. Open Render.exe and use the following command:

Render.exe -xml  (path to)/XMLFile.xml -xsl (path to)/XSLFile.xsl -parameters="xsltengine=XSLT"

3. If you need to add additional parameters use ";" to separate them.

e.g. parameters="xsltengine=XSLT;copycount=10;duplex=true;..."

4. In order to use a permanent solution of rendering using the XSLT engine, access the Application.config file located in /opt/Ecrion/Common/Ecrion/ServerTemplates folder and write the following line:


Save the file and restart the server.

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