Questions about AFP input for templates

Q: What are AFP templates best at?

A: AFP files are good for printing in volume at very high speed.


Q: Difference between AFP templates and the ones created in Publisher

A: They contain simple instructions like “draw text”, “draw line” but they don’t contain an equivalent of the advanced entities like tables, footnotes or paragraphs needed by templates.


Q: Can I use an AFP ?

A: The best way to handle this situation is to create the template from scratch in the Publisher.


Q:Can I transform an AFP to an XML?

A: The AFP cannot be transformed into an XML, the user will need to manually redo them. If needed, we also provide design and conversion services to assist you with these changes.

Please note that, because AFP files have a fixed layout (they are already paginated), they are not suitable anyways to modern publishing. Features such as widows/orphan control, flow layout, etc. require a more modern layout format.

But once they are designed in the Publisher, over 20 output formats can be generated, including AFP and PostScript for print, but also PDF or HTML for electronic delivery.

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