Help Us Help You - Basic Guidelines for Contacting Support

At Ecrion Software, we are proudly committed to offering world-class technical support.  In order to provide you with the absolute best service possible, please read the following guidelines on how to effectively access our support resources.  By following these steps, you help us to ensure your technical issues are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible:

When submitting an email to, it is important to understand this generates a case number, which is how we track your request.  

  • Please make sure the subject of your initial support email request contains a description of the issue you are having (ex. WordML input to PDF output has black line in header). 
  • After your support case has been generated, if you need status updates or to provide additional information, please reply to the original email you received that documents your case number in the subject line. This will ensure the information gets stored in the appropriate location and will reduce the amount of time it takes for us to process your request.
  • If possible, please list your customer user ID for quick support reference.
  • If possible, please provide the following pieces of information:
      • Build number (which version of the software you are using)
      • Detailed description of the issue
      • Detailed instructions on how we can reproduce the issue
      • Input document or template that caused the issue
      • Input XML that was used to populate the template
      • Log file associated with the erroneous run
      • Any applicable resources files (images, XFC’s, CSS, language files etc.)
      • Communicate your timeline and required urgency
  • If you have multiple issues, please create a case for each problem you are experiencing. Likewise, please do not send add-on complications to a case already under investigation, as this will not generate a new case.  Please send a new email with a new relevant subject line to support@ecrion.comso that each issue can be handled as quickly as possible.
  • When a solution is delivered, please let us know if your issue has been resolved and we can close the case, or if we need to re-open the case for further investigation.

We appreciate your business, and we will continually strive to provide you the best technical support available.

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