Remote connecting to the XF Rendering Server

In order to connect to the XF Rendering Server from another machine you need that machine's IP and the port on which the XF Rendering Server listens:

  • Using the Command Center:

You will need to change the default server and port used by the XF Rendering Server in the Command Center: 

    1. Go to the "File" tab, and select the "Option" button
    2. From the "Server Setting" panel, at the "Configure XF Rendering Server Settings" area, select the "Configure" button
    3. At the "Address" textbox, add the desired IP, and at the "Port" textbox, add the desired Port number
  • Using the command line:

You will render the documents like before, but specifying the server and the port:

    1. The argument for the server's IP is "-server" and for the port "-port"
    2. The syntax should be:

Render.exe -in -pdf file.pdf -server {server_IP} -port {port_number}

  • Using the XF Web Service:

Another option is to remotely call the XF Rendering Server using the XF Web Service from the machine where the XF Rendering Server is installed.


  • Programmatically:

You will need to add the parameters to indicate the IP address and the port number.

    1. For example, .NET parameters are: "String Server" and "ServerPort
    2. You can find the programming manuals here:



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