Restart the Page Count in different Page Sets

In order to customize page numbering and have different page counts for your template Page Sets, the steps below must be followed:

1. Open EDS Publisher and assign a data source to the template.

2. Create two page sets, one for each needed section. You can read more about this here .

3. Reset the page number for each page set:

  • Open the Pagination Pane

  • Select the Page Set menu from the right and choose "Go to page set":

  • Open the Properties panel:

  • From the Navigation bar at the bottom left , select the "page-set" element;

  • In the Properties Panel, go to the 'ALL' section and expand the "Page Sequence" group;

  • Set the "Initial Page Number" to "1":

  • Repeat the steps above for the second Page Sequence:

 4. Reset the page count for the existing Page Sets:

  • In the Properties Panel, go to the "Page Sequence" group;
  • Go to the "Force Page Count" property, and set it to "no-force":

5. Adjust the references of the Page Count for each Page Set:

  • Open the Properties for the Page Count element;
  • Adjust the "Ref-id" property:
    • By default, the "Ref-id" property indicates the end of the document, thus giving the total number of pages in the output.
    • You will want to adjust this in order to indicate the end of each page sequence.
    • To do so, go to the "Page Number Citation" section and change the "Ref-id" to a value of choice, different for each page set. In your case, the reference ID for page set 1 will be "EndOfPageSeq1", and for Page Set 2, "EndOfPageSeq2";
  • At the end of each page sequence, add a new empty block having the "ID" (in the "Object" section) equal to the value of "Ref-id". This will ensure that the page count will only include the pages in that specific page sequence:
    • Place the cursor at the end of each page sequence:
    • Set the ID element to be equal to the Ref-id of the associated page set:
    • Repeat for all Page Sets

 Attached you will also find a sample with this behavior, generated after following the steps above.



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