Using the "keep-together" property

How to enable the option for different portions of content?

From Design View, you need to follow these steps:
1. Open the Properties Panel:
- Go to the "View" tab (see number 2 in screenshot)
- Select "Show Properties" (see number 3 in screenshot)

2. Set the property for the signature block:
- From the Navigation Bar, select the block enclosing the desired section (see number 1 in screenshot)
- In the Properties panel, go to the "Keeps&Breaks" section and expand it  (see number 4 in screenshot)
- Expand the "Keep Together" element
- Set the "Within Page" property to "always" (see number 5 in screenshot)

How to use different strengths on sections of the content?

Let's suppose you have the following scenario; you have a dynamic table and you need a section of it to always be on the same page, while also wanting the table to be all on page.

To sum it up you priorities are as follows:

- the row (section) must be on the same page first priority

- the table must be on the same page with second priority


Solution is using <keep-together.within-page="1"> on the table and <keep-together.within-page="2"> on the row (section). Doing so, when a page break is encountered, the first priority will be to keep the row on the same page and keep the table on the same page will come second (should the table be bigger than 1 page this option is ideal)


See the bellow example with using text as different sections, while applying the same concept:

  • As you can see, you have the block in Lime with strength 1 (we would like this to be on the same page)
  • We have the Orange block with strength 2 (we need this to be on the same page) as well as the Gold block with strength 2 (we also need this with keep on the same page) 
  • The block with Lime was split on two pages due to a lower strength, and to the fact that the Gold and Orange block would not fit the first page entirely 
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