Working with XSLT

XSLT is a declarative, XML language used for the transformation of XML documents. This article will help you start working with XSLT in XF Designer.

When using XSLT there are two things that need to be taken into account:

A. Defining your XSLT code: Functions, Variables, Parameters, etc.

  • Open XF Designer;
  • Go to Review tab;
  • Select the "Global XSLT Code" option from the Template group;
  • Insert your XSL code.

You can also add the code from XML View or reopen the Global XSLT section to adjust the existing code snippets any time you like.

After defining your XSLT code, you will have to access it by following the steps below: 

B. Using XSLT elements in your template:

  • Go to "Insert" tab;
  • Select "XSLT Code" from the "Dynamic Content" area;
  • In the "Insert XSLT Code" window, invoke your XSL templates and/or parameters;
  • To call the named template declared in the Global XSLT, you have to use the <xsl:call-template name="myTemplate"/> element. 


Please note that you will not be able to define the templates in the <fo:flow> section. They can only be defined in the Global XSLT region of the template.

 If you are new to XSLT, you will find below some useful link that will help you get started in your work with XSLT:

XSLT Intro




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