XSL Transformation engines Pros&Cons

When it comes to XSL Transformation Engines, the following are supported by Ecrion products:

MSXML, .Net Framework, SAXON.

 If you are not sure which one suits your needs, you will find below the main Pros and Cons for each of them.

 1. MSXML: 

a. Pros:
- Very fast;
- Support for JavaScript;
b. Cons:
- Support only for XSL 1.0
- You could encounter issues when mismatching versions
- No support for Resolver URL


2. .Net Framework:
a. Pros:
- Support for JavaScript and C#
- Creates compiled XSLT templates
b. Cons:
- Slower than MSXML
- Support only for XSL 1.0


a. Pros:
- Low memory consumption
- Sometimes it's faster than MSXML
- Support for XSL 1.0 and XSL 2.0
b. Cons:
- No support for JavaScript or C#
- To support Java code, you need to get a paid version

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