Working with fonts in XF Rendering Server

XF Rendering Server can automatically recognize all fonts installed on Windows or Linux. 

This section offers information on how to install the fonts on the machine so as to use them in the template, or make additional fonts available to XF Rendering Server without installing them on Windows, thus making them private to the server.

A. Installing fonts on the machine: 

  • In order to install the font in Windows Fonts, open the TTF/OTF font and click "Install".
  • To make the font available, restart the machine where the server is installed;


  • Check that the name used for "font-family" in the template is the correct one.
  • The correct font name to be used can be found by opening the OTF / TTF font file - the name is specified after the "Font name" string.

B. Using fonts as Private Fonts:

Private Fonts are a way to make the fonts available to the XF Rendering Server without installing them in the Windows Fonts folder.

How to map the font as private font?

  • Open the Management Console;
  • Go to: Server Manager -> Configuration -> XF Rendering Server *.*.* -> Engine Settings -> Private Fonts;
  • Select "Add" and browse for the font file;
  • Assign a name to the added font and specify (if needed) if the font is bold or italic by selecting the corresponding checkboxes
  • Restart the XF Rendering Server


Here's some tips that will help you solve common issues, when the fonts are mapped:

a) Locally:

  • Check if the name chosen for the private font (in the Name textbox) is the same with the one that you are using in the template;
  • For Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic variants, the font name needs to be the same as for the regular version. You'll have to check the corresponding options in the "Edit Private Fonts" dialogue : "Is Bold" and/or "Is Italic".
  • Make sure that all the used variants of the installed font are available on the server.

b). On a network drive:

  • Copy the font file(s) on the local machine;
  • Uninstall the old font(s);
  • Install the font(s) (from the local machine) again in Private Fonts.
  • Restart the server again manually.


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