Working with fonts in EDS Publisher

When it comes to fonts, Ecrion Design Studio Publisher usually recognizes all the fonts installed on the machine. In this article you can find some tips on how to solve issues regarding special fonts. 

A quick solution is to re-install the fonts and restart the server. Sometimes a machine restart is required as-well, because Windows might cache the fonts and this simple action resolves the issue.

However, below you will find some scenarios and associated solutions when working with fonts.

No permission to install new fonts

If you do not have the possibility to install the font(s) on the machine, the solution is to install the font as External Font directly in the template. This will allow you to use the font as if it were installed on the machine.

Here're the steps to follow:

  • Open the template used to generate the output file using Ecrion Design Studio;
  • Select Options from File tab;
  • Click on the "Manage External Font" from Developer side;
  • A new dialog will be opened. There you can add the fonts you will want to use in the template;
  • Notice that the font name set under the "NAME" field should be the name used in the template.
  • Click "Apply" to save the changes.

  • Next, go to the "Home" tab;
  • Add the fonts that you want to use in the current template by clicking the "Add External Fonts" button from the Font-family field;
  • In the "Insert External Fonts" dialog, check the fonts you want to use in the template


Font formatting (bold, italic, underline) is not displayed

When creating document templates, you might need to emphasize some part of the content by formatting a section to be bold, italic or underlined.

If you format your content, but the changes don't seem to be taken into account, you need to make sure that the font used contains all the used variants. A couple of font variant examples are the following: Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold-Italic.

Note that you cannot use a font variant if it is not available for the font.

For example, if a font family contains only the "Normal" and the "Light" version, you can't use a bold font weight or an italic style in your template. The text will be displayed with the default font.


  • The "Configure External Fonts" dialog allows you to select the font type when you add it in the template. 
  • Thus, you need to add by turn every type of the font, and you must also check the category to which it belongs.

Note that you need to:

  • Set a different name for every variant of the font;
  • Insert all the four variants of the font in the template;
  • Use the name of the font according to the others properties used in the template


Some characters are not displayed

The solution: Check out if the font actually contains all the characters used in the template

To do so, open the font file and verify that the desired character is listed in the available characters for the used font.


My font is still not taken into account

If none of the scenarios above work, the cause of the font not being used correctly is the name of the font. The Publisher only takes into account the fonts with the correct names, so use the correct name of the font in your template. 

The name of the font can be figured out by double-clicking the font itself and looking at the font name, which is the very first line.



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