How to send emails via EOS

Here you will find some simple steps to create the email body and the job that will send the email to a certain email address. You must be aware of the following key points in the implementation:

1. Set up the Connection to a SMTP Server

2. Create the Email Queue

3. Create the .epr template with the content that will be displayed in the email

4. Create the Workflow for the email sending


1. Set up the Connection to a SMTP Server

In order to create Connection to a SMTP Server in EOS please follow these steps:

  • Go to your Workspace in EOS;
  • In the right side clicl on the arrow under you account name;
  • Select Settings;
  • Select "Connections" and then "Email";
  • Click on "New connection" and then fill out the fields as follows:
    • In the "Connection Name" field give a name to your connection;
    • In the "Server Name" write your SMTP server name;
    • For the "Port" field write the SMTP port;
    • In the "Username" filed write the SMTP;
    • For the "From" field add the SMTP email address;
    • Check the "Use SSL" option;


2. Create the Email Queue

In order to create a Email Queue please follow these steps:

  • Click on the gear sign near your workspace name;
  • From "Channels" select "Email";
  • Click on "New Queue" in the right side;
  • Give a name to your queue;
  • For the "Email Connection", select the previously created connection(at the 1st step).


3. Create the .epr template with the content that will be displayed in the email


Create your email body by writing the desired content and the fields in Ecrion Design Studio Publisher.


4. Create the Workflow for the email sending


In order to obtain a job that sends and email you should add the following steps in your Workflow:

  • The "Get Data" step containing as parameter your input data source;
  • A "Render" step, as parameters add the "EmailBody.epr"(created at step 3) and set the "Output format" to "EmailBody";
  • An "Email" step that contains as parameters the "Queue" name (created at the 2nd step, the "From", "To" etc. email specific information.


Note: If you want to add an attachment to the email to be sent you should add a new "Render" step after the original "Get Data" step containing in parameters the template for the PDF attachment and have the output set to PDF.


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